Sponsors Scholars & Supporters

“The Seasons Do Not Discriminate and We are All a percentage of Each Other”  [blue water family slogan]

The Blue Water Family Sponsors, Scholars and Supporters, help us to spread the word. You can too!

glowing Royal_Blue_Water_Family_Logo_2

Eminent Author and Priest of Mami Wata Dr Charles S. Finch III MD is our Featured Scholar


“There is no life apart from the Blue Waters; all life was created there.  If humanity wishes to survive it will protect the Blue Waters. The Great Mother of the Waters demands it.”  [Charles Finch June 13th 2015]



Sistah Yohanna Levi acknowledging the work being done by Blue Water Family to introduce ones to Horology the study of time.

DAPS is our Featured Sponsor

DAPS-Logo“Blue Water Family events have consistently provided edutainment for the community, while providing a platform for creative members of the family.  DAPS is happy to support work that realigns people with their higher self and purpose.”  DAPS [Design Print and Photography Services]



Empress Prophetess from The Soul Consciousness Expansion Zone, radio presenter and Wholistice Health Consultant. Here Prophetess is endorsing the work being done by Blue Water Family to remind attendees that they are connected to the infinite intelligence.



Co-Director of the Acclaimed Documentary Ancestral Voices


“Blue Water Family is creating uplifting opportunities for us to remember how to align our lives with the seasons and with Mother Nature, in so doing connecting to our God-essence to bring forth our fullest potential” Dalian Adofo [Film Director]



Scientist Author and Scholar of Akan Spirituality

Akan symbol of God

“Blue Water Family provides a Comfortable Homely and Relaxed learning environment.” Nana Kofi Bempah [PhD Scientist and Author]


Word Power and Sound Artist

El Crisis

“Blue Water Family provides opportunities for the gathering of people on different phases of their journey: the seasonal sessions are uplifting and have consistently met my expectations.” El Crisis [Writer and Performance Artist]



Vegan Gourmet Chef


“Its an honour to be part of such a wholesome nurturing progressive group.  One that inspires you to seek out the answers to your personal questions.  The Blue Water Family gatherings provide a forum for self help transformation, spiritually and intellectually.” Solar Fired Michelle [Gourmet Vegan Live Food Artist]



Gerald Massey Scholar

Rey Bowen

“Blue Water Family provides Excellent Community based learning.”   Rey Bowen [Lecturer, Tour Guide and Martial Arts Instructor]



Wholistic Health Consultant

stephen ssali scholar

“I have found that It is important for us to synchronise with the time, the seasons and the rhythm of the planet; and I am happy to support the work that Blue Water Family is doing, to Create opportunities for Mind Body Spirit alignment, during the seasonal changes. ” Dr Stephan Ssali [Mariandina Research Foundation]



Historian Curator Author Scholar


“Blue Water Family’s events serve to remind us of our essential connection to nature and the seasons and all the traditions, new and old, that underpin it.” S.I Martin [Historian, Tour Guide and Author]


Historian Author Scholar

Robin Walker 1

“The Blue Water Family generates Positivity.”   Robin Walker [Historian and Author]

Radio Presenter Events Organiser

fyv red on bwf

“Attending a Blue Water Family event is like being carried along on a calm sea of information, knowledge of self and the universe. There is a warm feeling of togetherness and relaxation whilst you are there and you take away many things to think about.” Find Your Voice [Community engagement forum]

A Call To Action

If you would like to Sponsors, Support, Perform or Present [at] an event, do send us a message via our Eventbrite ‘contact the organiser page’ here: http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/blue-water-family-4389030647?s=16167467

We are a global knowledge forum focusing on indigenous knowledge in general and African Indigenous Knowledge in particular. We assist all those who are on a journey of  ‘self-help transformation’ to reconnect to themselves and acknowledge the importance of the natural environment, for our continued survival on planet Earth. We invite the Global Family to join us.  You are welcome and see you soon.


One Response to “Sponsors Scholars & Supporters”

  1. Dalian Adofo September 6, 2015 at 12:46 PM #

    Blue Water Family is creating uplifting opportunities for us to remember how to align our lives with the seasons and with Mother Nature, in so doing connecting to our God-essence to bring forth our fullest potential

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